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Zkittlez Kush (Sanctuary)


Ok. Nothing crazy, but still gets you pretty high. I can't really complain too much, although I think the smell and taste is a little suspect. And the smoke is a little harsh, but still very good effects. You'll get stoned. Shit, you might even knock out. An even balanced body and head high where you can function properly, and not feel like a zombie or have extreme paranoia. Great for relief, euphoria, and focus. Like I said, good effects but the smell and taste aren't necessarily the most appealing. Its got more of a chemical, soapy smell and taste than a lemony or earthy effect. I gotta be critical, MORE critical, of all the weed in Florida because the exotics are pouring in and taking over. Sanctuary, in my opinion, can compete with the name brand dispos if they keep their prices low, because the flower is good, but not $60 an eighth good.


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