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Yellow Brick Road (Growhealthy)

Updated: Jan 24, 2022


Wild! That's what I have to say about Yellow Brick Road. I'll be honest, Growhealthy never disappoints with their flower and Yellow Brick Road is another example of it. It's a Sativa and my goodness is it ever obvious. It's one of those strains where you can have intense concentration on anything that's laid out in front of you. Need a paper done? It'll help. Need Sleep? It'll help too. Want to sit on the couch and watch an endless marathon of bullshit and enjoy the hell out of it? Yellow Brick Road. Pretty sure it was 22% THC, a number of my liking, and the high lingers for hours. And I mean HOURS. I'll be at work high off my ass for the entirety of my shift,. Time seems to slow down a bit with the high, so I wouldn't recommend smoking it before work. I also realized I don't perform at 100% at work, either, when high off it. It's works more like the beer you have after work. A mind high that acts like a body high, Yellow Brick Road is a new favorite of mine. Shoutout to Growhealthy, too, because their "littles" are fucking huge nugs! And they go for $35, a win-win.


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