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White 99 (Growhealthy)

Updated: Jan 24, 2022


Very Good! Ya'll know how I rock with Growhealthy. It's a great dispensary. This is just another one of there best strains. It's a Sativa at 27%, a number to my liking, and it's certainly hard hitting. It's a concentration strain, good for work and studying, and active shit. It's euphoric too. My body is chilled and my head is too. Surprisingly enough, the strain is also good for sleep. I have no problem taking a nap on it, though the strain doesn't make you sleepy or drowsy like their Indicas. The smell is potent and the flower is pretty. The colors are vibrant and the orange hairs beautiful. Among the other Sativas, White 99 pairs nicely with Yellow Brick Road, Strawberry Haze, and Jilly Bean. I highly recommend White 99 and I'll forsure be looking out for it in the future!

image courtesy of Growing Exposed


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