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What Is G's Bud Blog and Why Should Anyone Care?

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

When anyone hears or thinks about a "marijuana blog" what do they immediately think of? Most likely pictures of weed, ridiculous comments like the ones you see on, and the more ignorant would probably think there's some sketchy drug-dealing/drug-trafficking happening. It's mostly because of the aging preconceptions of smokers; they're lazy, unmotivated burnouts who smell like shit and are no different from crackheads/cokeheads/pill-popping addicts. You can't really blame some people, though, for thinking this way because they were probably exposed to the worst kinds of smokers and they've engraved that impression in their minds. However, as legalization sweeps across the country, this whole idea of the "lazy stoner" is becoming more and more like a close-minded opinion. This is EXACTLY why this blog was made. Before I drop the first video, I want to make something absolutely clear; the mission is TO HELP DESTROY THE NEGATIVE STEREOTYPES ABOUT MARIJUANA. It's not gonna be done overnight (duh), and the opinion will for sure stick around, but this blog is meant to be FUN and INTERESTING where you can watch videos about medical cannabis and the products used to smoke it, vape it, dab it, etc. But it's also INFORMATIONAL where you can read up on what's happening in the latest news regarding medical weed, what effects certain strains have and WHY they have those effects, what the dispensaries are like, and whether obtaining a medical marijuana card in Florida can be for YOU.

Over the last 15 years, the United States not only legalized medical and recreational marijuana in certain states, but they've also opened the door for the un-doing of the negative connotations surrounding marijuana that's been programmed into the minds of its citizens. These stereotypes of course stemmed from the US government itself when they launched a national prohibition of marijuana during the early 20th century, primarily targeting Mexican immigrants as scapegoats for criminalization (sound familiar?). This came after cannabis was regularly found in pharmacies, medicines, herbal remedies, and even candy! But, like in typical US fashion, prohibition on marijuana was a political power-grab and another way for both big pharma and the US government to control what is being given to its citizens. Ever since then, there have been DECADES of anti-weed propaganda, government programs pushing the idea that marijuana is as dangerous as heroin and cocaine by making it a Schedule 1 drug, prosecuting and convicting citizens (mostly poor, black & brown) for possession, and legislations made to legalize the plant constantly being denied by using "family values" as the excuse. It's truly an unfortunate reality in US history, and these stereotypes only get worse once you cross US borders.

Yet, marijuana is continuously being legalized around the country and you are 100% absolutely going to see them in your city's plazas, main streets, suburbs, and downtown areas. Marijuana has been legal in Florida for nearly 5 years and the results have already been incredible, but they aren't surprising and it definitely has work to be done. This blog is meant to be your guide to Florida medical cannabis, where you can obtain a card legally, and which dispensaries are worth spending at and WHY. The videos are meant to be a fun look at different products and strains, as well as my take on both and the experience of being both a consumer and a teacher. The videos will be structured to where some are focused more on products used for cannabis such as wraps, papers, and glass pieces or the actual strains of cannabis and where you can find them. I know a lot of smokers look to watch something while rolling up and/or smoking and G's Bud Blog is perfect for it. Chill content, good products, and great weed. Welcome to G's Bud Blog!


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