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Wedding Cake (Liberty Health Sciences)

Updated: Feb 21, 2022


This was an interesting high for sure. It's the kind where you can either concentrate immensely on something, like a paper for school, or just absolutely space out for a good hour and not even realize it. It's a body AND head high, which was also interesting. I like to hit dabs on my glass rig and this is only because I'm saving up for a Puffco piece which is pretty fucking expensive, but well worth the investment. I'm no fan of lung-scorching hot dabs; I like to wait until the banger is at a good enough temp to feel the effects immediately without suffering the consequences of smoking a hot nail. It's just the worst feeling to cough your lungs out when dabbing, it makes smoking suck. And I don't really like low-temp dabs either. I don't really know why either, I guess I feel like I don't inhale shit to begin with. Whatever. But Wedding Cake is an ok strain. Liberty Health (Tallahassee) had a half-off sale on their concentrates, which surprised me because I didn't think dispensaries would be that nice, but this one was. $30 for a gram. Happy, happy me. Until I found out that if you leave this wax outside for too long, it turns into this disgusting brown blob. The high lasts an hour and its just some mids. I wouldn't recommend it. Wedding Cake is a good flower strain, not a good concentrate. Maybe Liberty just sucks at concentrates, but this was not that good.

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