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Uncle Arnies

Updated: 18 hours ago

Mango Magic-2 fl oz./59 ml


I LOVE this flavor of Arnie's cannabis-infused beverage. This was a shot instead of the larger beverages (7.5 fl oz.), and I love taking shots AND I love mangos; a win-win for me. The effects take about 45 minutes-1 hour to kick in, and it fucking KICKS. Magic Mango is best used for daytime activities like visiting the park, a museum, or maybe hanging out with friends. It's a functioning high but it'll still have you blasted for a good 3 hours. Very heady, it works like a Sativa where energy and euphoria are your main effects. Tastes fantastic, strong mango flavor and not a powerful weed aftertaste. Not an overwhelming high BUT I would be incredibly careful if you're a lightweight or have a low tolerance, because if you take the whole shot you might green out. It happens. HIGHLY recommend. I will be trying every single flavor.

Blueberry Night Cap-2 fl oz./59 ml


I was pretty underwhelmed with the Blueberry flavor, and it's not because of the taste. Based off the name and the bottle design, this flavor is clearly meant to knock you out, which in all fairness is hard to do because people have different tolerances with weed AND with sleep. I'm a sleeper, I love me a good nap and I can take one at any point during the day. Legit, I can wake up in the morning after a 10-hour sleep and within 2 hours take a nap. Perhaps that has something to do with my experience with this Blueberry Night Cap because I wasn't feeling very sleepy, or high for that matter. It was a stinker. The added 5 mgs of CBN didn't help either. Good taste, but weak effects. I WILL be trying this again as maybe the bottle I got was a dud, and the next one will do the trick. I will update y'all on those results, but for now this didn't do it for me. I still believe Uncle Arnie's got a great drink, I'm just not a fan of this one. And that's ok.



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