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The Top 5 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Miami, FL (2023)

Finding weed is easy in Miami; all it takes is a few friendly interactions with *certain* locals and they'll be glad to point you towards a friend, colleague, or someone they know who sells. Finding GOOD weed, however, is it bit more of a mission as the streets of Miami are flooded with dry, shitty bud that's possibly laced with fentanyl. This city is the epicenter of the drug trade, so it calls for both high quality AND the lowest of the lows in terms of cannabis. Mix that with the fact that Miami is the scam-capital of the world, now you're wondering if the weed you bought on the streets is delta-8 or some other finesse that's all too common in South Florida.

That's the reality here, which is why over 1 million Floridians have applied and currently carry a medical marijuana card (must be eligible to apply and own). Instead of harassing strangers for weed, you can walk in any dispensary and choose from the wide range of cannabis they offer, while NOT having to look over your shoulder to see if the cops saw the transaction go down. DON'T BE FOOLED, THOUGH! The MAJORITY of medical marijuana dispensaries in Miami, nay Florida, are also filled with low quality weed--the kids today call it "mids." As a reviewer, a critic, a connoisseur, and content creator for marijuana in Florida, I've tried A LOT of dispensary weed in Miami, so I created this list for the curious smoker who may not have the knowledge, may be new to the program, or would like to see if the hype around certain dispensaries are true. We'll start with number 5:

Sunnyside is one of Florida's most consistent dispensaries, and its WIDE range of cannabis products should catch the eye of patients. Just because it's number 5 doesn't mean it's bad. FAR from it (there's at least 14 different companies operating in Miami). For my dabbers and lovers of extracts, Sunnyside's One Plant and Cresco line of extracts are easily top 3 in Florida's brands of concentrates. They're sporting live rosin jams, sand, badder, even shatter. The sheer volume of different types of extracts is incredibly impressive considering there are maybe 1 or 2 other dispensaries in Miami with that kind of range. Yes, One Plant's CEO was once Brady Cobb, a man with a VERY interesting reputation in Florida's legal market. Yes, Cresco represents the corporate cannabis takeover in Florida. Both details are necessary to know when shopping and understanding how regulated the market is in Florida. But, does that mean they're low quality? Absolutely not, and I stand by that.

Sunnyside's flower, however, isn't the best. For me, it barely cracks the top 5 in the state. VERY hit-or-miss. The hits are STRONG, but the misses are incredibly disappointing. Usually when I buy flower from Sunnyside it's dry, small nugs, and the taste and effects aren't mesmerizing like certain other dispensaries ranked higher. Though, I still feel as if the quality of their products are much higher than the dispensaries not listed. At number 5, Sunnyside is better for the dabbers and cart-smokers in the city as their concentrates are high in quality, strength, taste, and there's plenty to choose from.

Location: 505 NE 125th St, North Miami, FL 33161


Flower: Tahoe Jack, Runtz

Cartridges: Gastropop #3, Oreo Blizzard

Cookies is the biggest brand of Cannabis in the United States. It's not up for debate. Their CEO (Berner) cracked Forbes Billionaire list, they have the biggest brand of clothing in cannabis, and their logo is legit EVERYWHERE; smoke shops, gas stations, stickers planted around the city, music videos, even at food spots (I've seen it myself). Cookies is worldwide, BUT they've shown a few inconsistencies since their opening in August 2022. One would think that if Cookies were operating in any city, especially Miami, they'd be the symbol, the god amongst kings of cannabis. That wasn't the case during their first 4 months, but Cookies has been KILLING IT so far in 2023. They've completely turned it around with their latest drops of flower and concentrates, and I have the evidence to prove it (see below). Their flower is finally popping with trichomes, sporting heavy smells, strong effects, pretty looks, and they're high in terps. All are necessary to gain the trust and respect of patients in Florida.

Cookies' dispensary is out of the way, however, and its probably the most frustrating aspect of shopping with them. They're located in Westchester across from Tropical Park. It's the suburbs, and the shop is squeezed between a Colombian restaurant (shoutout mi gente) and a bank. The parking lot is THE worst parking situation possible for a brand like Cookies; no more than 10 car spaces, the driveway is a narrow one-way, and the landscaping is for shit. Bird Road, the street Cookies is located on, is the most aggravating street known to man. That isn't up for debate, either. Shopping with Cookies is understanding what balance is (and patience if you have the unfortunate task of driving there). Prices are high, but so is the quality of their flower and extracts lately. Cookies is slowly making its way up the ladder in Miami, but they have to beat a few dispensaries AND gain the trust of patients before they can be considered the best.

Location: 8303 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155


Cartridges: Blanco

This pick was much harder for me than the next two, but Growhealthy is a consistent dispensary packed with high(er) quality cannabis compared to their competition. I almost listed Cookies at 3, but Growhealthy's MPX line of concentrates (as well as the cartridges--surprisingly enough) and their above-average flower trumps Cookies recent drops of rosin, as well as Cookies history of inconsistent flower in Miami. And though there are arguments to be made about the quality of both dispensaries' flower, Growhealthy has a larger selection of cannabis, one of the state's top brands in extracts, and a better reputation among patients in Florida.

Growhealthy (North Miami) is located on Biscayne Blvd inside a plaza with restaurants and quick bites. The location is far more convenient than other dispensaries in Miami, and that's because of zoning laws and where the city of Miami permits the sale of medical marijuana. It's all politics, but the location is still far more convenient than the handful of dispensaries in the Kendall/Westchester area. Seriously, driving out to Kendall requires a MINIMUM hour-and-a-half of free time. Traffic, shitty drivers, and the area being 30 minutes away from the city proves its inconvenience. Now, that isn't to say Biscayne Blvd doesn't have traffic or shitty drivers (if you know, you know), but it's all about location.

Location: 13400 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33181


Flower: Silicon Valley OG, Strawberry Haze, Queso Perro, Jilly Bean, Durban Dawg

Concentrates: White 99, Queso Perro

Cartridges: MPX line, Jilly Bean

This dispensary isnt't for the weak. I say that because the average age of medical marijuana patients in Florida is 50+ years old, and they likely don't have the same tolerance as the newer generation that's known for hash-holes, moles, and the most insane setups to smoke their 90% concentrated THC. The Flowery carries some of the most marveled brands in cannabis such as 710 Labs, Preferred Gardens, Backpack Boyz, etc. and the quality of their flower speaks for itself. 710 Labs is widely regarded as the golden child of concentrates amongst all dispensaries, Preferred Gardens' "ZNACKS" was easily Strain of the Year in Florida for 2022, and the Flowery's store-brand flower crushes their competition, while also being the cheapest option on their menu. I'm not a big fan of their cartridges, but the Persy Pods are a fantastic alternative as a cleaner, tastier smoke high in terpenes. All across the board you will find quality medical marijuana. Prices are high--sometimes $55 an eighth high--so be prepared to spend more than you initially thought. They're expensive and there's no escaping that.

The Flowery is located on Biscayne Blvd across from Steve's Pizza (the Flowery of pizza joints), so it's far more convenient for those closer to the city/downtown areas. In fact, the Flowery is in the middle of a terf war that sees Trulieve (wack), Growhealthy, Sunnyside, Vidacann, and Jungleboys within a 5 mile radius. That's INSANE competition. Mix that with the fact that MÜV is crashing that party soon by being ONE block away from the Flowery, and now you've got options as a customer. A convenient location with a plethora of choices signifies a better option for patients in Miami. The Flowery's customer service is ALWAYS fantastic (in-store), I've never had issues with budtenders or management EVER. Going there relieves my anxiety, no joke.

Much love to Dave Polley, Branden Limprich, Brian (@brrrrrrn), Donavan, Gina, and that whole crew!

Location: 11900 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL 33181


Flower: Znackz, White Cherry Gelato, Lemon Trees, London Pound Cake, Banana Macaroons, Geloctane

Concentrates: Grease Bucket #9, King Louis OG, Lemon Heads

Cartridges: Guava Persy Pod

I'll be honest, picking Jungleboys was a no-brainer, but this is like pulling teeth for me. On one hand, I've got A LOT of love for the Flowery and feel as if the multiple brands they carry trump the store-brand Jungleboys in terms of selection/quantity. On the other hand, Jungleboys have been flawless since they've opened their doors in Miami. They have a wide selection of both flower and concentrates (all of which are cured to perfection), a dope store--pretty similar to the Flowery--and their prices are fantastic. You're getting high-grade, trichome-popping, dank smelling weed for $45 an eighth. Their grams of extracts go for $70, which isn't too bad considering Sunnyside and the Flowery charge $80-$90 per gram. Add the fact that they opened both of their dispensaries in Miami within 2 months, and you'll see why JB is a cut above the rest. The BEST prices, the BEST quality of flower, and TWO stores to choose from. Their products will have you blasted for hours. I only see the Flowery as worthy competition.

Both stores are located on or near Collins Ave. The store in Miami Beach is on 69th and Collins, near the Holy Smokes smoke shop. It's in North Beach (not North Miami Beach) and in a pretty nice neighborhood if you turn a blind eye to all the homeless walking around. The store in North Miami is on 163rd, right before the bridge that connects to Sunny Isles and its main road, Collins Ave. Both stores are real nice looking inside, ran real well and organized, and the customer service is fantastic. Add the great prices and some of the best weed in the state, it's clear who's number 1. MUCH love to Michelle and both store's crew!

Location: 3495 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

6958 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141


Concentrates: Gator Mints, Motorbreath, LA Kush Cake, Sangria

Cartridges: N/A


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