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Tahoe Jack (Sunnyside)


I really like this strain. It's a great balance of relief and focus. Tahoe Jack is a hard hitter. The high is immediate and potent. The smell, and especially how it looks, is incredible, with frosty tips and a citrusy finish. It's the kind of bud that you can look at through a microscope all day and forget that you wanted to smoke it in the first place. It's almost too pretty to smoke. Sunnyside really impressed me with Tahoe Jack considering my first impression of them wasn't that great. The only issue I had with this strain was the duration of the high. It's shorter than I thought. Maybe 20-30 minutes max for me. Tahoe Jack isn't really a favorite of mine but I do think it's a great strain for those looking for relief and the more medicinal benefits of cannabis. If you're looking for a strain that'll have you slumped or absolutely wired, don't get Tahoe Jack. Regardless, I love what Sunnyside has to offer and I can't wait to try more of their cannabis.


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