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Strawnana (The Flowery)

Updated: Mar 2, 2023


Love it! I was kind of skeptical buying this strain because I was choosing either this or the Cherry on Top, which had 4% terps to the Strawnana's 1.9%. But most of the workers at the Flowery thought Strawnana was the better strain, so I went with it. Amazing smell, it's ridiculous how it smells like a strawberry-banana smoothie. And I love me a smoothie. The taste wasn't as potent, a little more of a pine/earthy taste with a hint of strawberry-banana. Smooth smoke but it left me with a dry throat.

The effects were fantastic! A calm, relaxing body high with a strong, euphoric head high. I love these kinds of hybrids. I can get a lot done with them. The high is potent and lasts an hour, pretty solid if you ask me. Strawnana isn't the best flower, and not really the best store-brand strain (I'd put LPC and Musty Buffalo over it), either. It isn't as hard-hitting and the buds don't look as pretty as the other strains at the Flowery, but Strawnana is still a great choice compared to other dispensary flower. Just a better experience overall. And the price is the best part. $40 for the eighth (eh), but $60 for the quarter Juniors. Go with the quarter. Great price-to-quality ratio with Strawnana. I'll buy it again when it's available.


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