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Strawberry Runtz


Harsh! Looks can be deceiving, and unfortunately that's the case with these Strawberry Runtz from Jungle Boys. It really bummed me out how weak the effects are compared to its presentation, which is easily some of the best looking flower on the market. I'm not joking, these nugs are incredible to look at. A purple hue to it, not larfy, trichomes peacocking like they're reaching for the stars to get your attention, it's mind-boggling how nice the Strawberry Runtz appear to be. I was in love just by the look and smell.

That's the other thing about this flower, and why the score is as high as it is despite its effects; the smell is incredibly pungent. Strait up a strawberry ice cream, strawberry shortcake stench to it. A LOUD stench. Impressive all around, really. The look and smell to this flower is enough to convince you that Jungle Boys has the best of the best. I can't rave enough about the smell because I'm a sucker for smelly weed, whether it's gas-sy, earth-y, citrus-y, shit-ty, doesn't matter. The smell of weed is like my first impression.

Despite all that, the effects are lame. Just weak as hell. Strawberry Runtz creeps in after a few bong rips or a few puffs from your blunt/joint, and you'll feel it hit, but that's about the extent of it. It's not a strong, couchlock high nor is it a get-up-and-do-shit kind of high. It's more of a medicinal high, one where you feel the effects but can easily function and not feel overwhelmed by them. And you know what, since this IS a medicinal market it makes sense why it's on the menu. It's not for me, tho. These runtz are mids. It's nowhere near the strength of their Motor Breath or Frosted Gelato, though its appearance would tell you otherwise. The smoke was harsh, the ash was black. The taste was meh; Strawnana by the Flowery tasted and felt better and it was the same price, more or less. The whole sesh was pretty wack in general. Certainly not top-tier bud, and I'm glad I didn't pay more than $45. I gotta be critical with these reviews, and I think a 7/10 is fair for what I thought would be a great sesh by a marveled brand, only to be let down by their MIDS. It's ok, tho. I forgive Jungle Boys.


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