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Shrieker (Rise)

Updated: Jan 27, 2022


Fantastic! Shrieker from the Rise dispensaries (Hallandale, Fl) is a slap to the face in the best way possible. This strain of Sativa will keep you up at night laughing at whatever comes your way. It's apparently a cross between Miami Haze and The Cube (according to and it's easily one of my favorite strains of Sativa. It's smell isn't what catches you at first glace, but the frostiness of the nugs that keep you happily gazing at its intimate beauty. The bright greens of the flower and its crystal-like finish creates a beautiful sight worth paying over $40 a gram, which sounds insane. However, at Rise there are a few options with the strain ranging from Premium to its lower percentage options, such as "Popcorn." The smaller percentages are obviously cheaper. Yet, I like my weed at its hardest hitting, meaning if the Premium option is going to be the option that gets me the highest while also feeling its effects at its fullest, that's what I'm going to get. Such is the case here. The Premium Shrieker from Rise's "rythm" collection is at 24% THC and 5% CBD, which are pretty impressive numbers considering what other dispensaries in Florida usually offer. The high has you focused and alert, making everything that is seen or heard that much more vibrant and colorful. At the time I first smoked Shrieker, I was listening to the album Betty by Helmet and it was kickass. An absolute banger of a hard rock, psychadelic-metal album from start to finish. If you're looking to study high because it proposes its benefits, I would go with a strain like Shrieker, too. We all know weed makes activities like reading, studying, cooking, or simple pleasures like eating, listening to music, and/or watching TV a much more enjoyable experience. Shrieker will do that 100%.


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