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Seed Junky

Red Eye-Hybrid/29.5% THC/1.79% Terps


Permanent Marker: Biscotti x Sherb Bx1

Lemon Cherry Gelato: Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies

Cure: 4/5

Smell: 5/5

Taste: 5/5

Strength: 4/5

Final Score: 9/10

Loved this Red Eye! I actually bought an eighth of Red Eye months ago—damn near a year ago—and I knew i had to cop it again for an official review. It’s a great strain with a great lineage; Permanent Marker mixed with anything will be fantastic. The smell is potent and stings the nostrils, a fresh Sharpie smell, and tastes like a permanent marker mixed with lemon juice. The high is also very potent. This will put you to sleep, or at least get you stuck on the couch. It’s a heavy hitter and it will give you red eyes. My only issue with tbis batch was the size of the nugs, they were much smaller than I anticipated. Though not necessarily an issue, I do prefere larger, fuller nugs. Despite the size, it packed a punch. The Purple Octane was a bit underwhelming, especially for an award-winning brand like Seed Junky, but this Red Eye certainly makes up for it. This is definitely up there with some of their best strains, and I encourage everyone to try it. A classic, hard-hitting, sleep inducing high.

Purple Octane


Biscotti: Gelato 25 x Girl Scout Cookies x South Florida OG

Sherb Bx1: Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties backcross


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