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Fuego! There was A LOT of hype around this drop by Cookies. Along with the Shirazi, the RS11 is a strong, smooth smoke that gives Florida a taste of what is to come. This is that West Coast shit. Besides the Flowery, no other dispo has this strain. This strain has a subtle sweet, grapey taste on the exhale. The smell isn't overpowering. I wasn't really impressed by the stench, I thought it would stink up my room the way Shirazi did. But the smell isn't the RS11's strongest trait. The high is what I love most. It creeps up on you, it's a creeper. A Jeeper's Creeper. At first you don't really feel much, but when it hits it SMACKS. A real couchlock strain. I've been binging Avatar: The Last Airbender lately and what a fucking show. It's even better on the RS11.

The nugs are very pretty. I also love that about this strain. I've seen some really well taken photos on Reddit and IG of these RS11 nugs, and for good reason. It's a looker. A shower AND a grower. The high lasts a while, too. Hours in fact. It's got those legs that tell you it was grown and cured properly (s/o to AK from @smkrs_la). An all-around fantastic strain! Cookies KILLED it with this drop and I look forward to seeing more drops live up to their hype. They were losing me for a minute there, but JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS OUT...THEY PULL ME BACK IN (iykyk).


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