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Queso (Sunnyside)

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

(5/10) Queso was OK. It was an interesting high, for sure. The buds were small and nothing crazy to look at, but they STUNK a nice pine/cheesey aroma. What Queso lacked in looks, it made up for with its stench. And I’m sure the whole flower looks better, so I won’t harp too much about it. The high, on the other hand, was a bit underwheming. It starts off strong and helps with relief, but the effects quickly vanish. It’s strange. The high lasts a good 15 minutes before it just kinda fades. Queso is especially disappointing considering the harvest date in this batch was SEPTEMBER 19TH! It’s mid-November! Absolutely unacceptable from this dispensary especially after all the great things I hear of Sunnyside on a regular basis. However, I KNOW places like OnePlant and their cultivators have been called out in the past for this same issue. OnePlant even posted statements on Instagram and Reddit regarding all the patients posting about the harvest dates being MONTHS before buying, and that obviously affects the flower’s potency. Incredibly disrespectful to patients paying their hard-earned money for aging weed. The shit we buy at dispensaries should be FRESH considering the fucking price they’re set at. Had the flower been fresh, I’d have likely had a much better experience, but since this is an ONGOING issue AFTER making statements about, it’s just unacceptable. Point blank. Is this really what Florida’s best has to offer?


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