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Puro Loco (Jungleboys)


Ehh, not the biggest fan. I was a little underwhelmed with this Puro Loco. It isn't bad, whatsoever, it's just not great. Jungleboys is the standard that all dispensaries should reach to achieve (it's a pathetic legal market) in terms of quality, so my expectations are high whenever I cop from them. That being said, I wouldn't consider this one of their premier strains. The cure is nice, but again nothing crazy like the cure on some of their other flower (Animal Tsunami, Strawberry Runtz). Small nugs, frosty as all hell which was impressive, dense, but nothing to get extremely excited about.

Funny enough, I got a cheesy smell from this Puro Loco. Cheese. Dank smell--its very enjoyable, potent once the seal is cracked. The smell is probably my favorite part about this strain. Earthy and cheesy. The taste wasn't anything crazy. More earthy than it is cheesy, slight hint of cheese, but also a harsh smoke. I was kind of shocked because the harshness stands out considering the taste and effects are OK. It's like a rotten cherry on top.

Again, it's not bad flower it's just not that sticky, yucky, glup shitto ZA that Jungleboys usually has for sale. The high is strong in the head at first. After the harsh smoke clears, it's actually an enjoyable head high. Not everyone enjoys a heady high, but I do. Nothing in the body, too. It hits, it doesn't smack. I've had stronger at Jungleboys. The high also doesn't last long--maybe 45 minutes or less. All around just good to OK bud. I think a C-grade is fair, something a lot of my teachers probably said when grading my works. I've had better and I've had worse. I'm not too upset since the eighth was only $45, and I'd buy this again at a cheaper price. Jungleboys rolls discounts all the time so I'm sure the day is coming. C's GET DEGREES!


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