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Pink Gelato (flower) by The Fight


Gelato: Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Pink Kush: Derives from OG Kush


Body and Mind (7625 Carroll Rd, San Diego, CA 92121)

Cure: 3/5

Smell: 4/5

Taste: 3/5

Strength: 4/5

Duration: 5/5

Final Score: 7.5/10

Pretty decent! I have mixed feelings about this Pink Gelato, but it hits on the most important aspects. The cure is OK, it LOOKS fantastic--and to be fair the 5 grams are packed in 2 dense nugs--but a little dry compared to other "Premium Top Shelf Flower" brands that The Fight claims to be. It's not that sticky, but not completely dry. Trichomes aren't really popping, but the smell is pretty great. Sweet candy aroma, classic Gelato phenos. The type to stink up your room or show off to friends.

The taste is pretty weak and the smoke is a little harsh, whether you're smoking a joint or ripping your bong. You get a slight candy taste mixed with the slight harshness of the flower. Definitely not my favorite when it comes to taste. However, the high and the length of the effects are great! Easily my favorite part of this strain is how chilling it makes me feel, super cerebral mixed with a potent body high. And it lasts for hours; at least 2 for me. I would recommend this for those with anxiety, depression, and those dealing with physical injuries, pain, or migraines. It'll get you right and it wont take a lot from the weed itself to do it.

These 5 grams of Pink Gelato by The Fight cost $32, which is a GREAT price. I'm not sure if that's the cost at other dispos, but Body and Mind priced it nice. I wouldn't recommend this as a first option, maybe a 3rd or 4th, but it'll be hard for other options to beat that price. A lot of oldheads trash Gelato and all the new strains that came out in the last 10 years by claiming it "doesn't get you high like the OG strains." Maybe that's true, but THIS Gelato smacks. Keep this brand and strain in mind when shopping around!


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