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Papas’s Herb “Forbidden Fruit” (Liberty Health)

Updated: Jan 31, 2022


Incredible! It’s delicious and hard hitting. For some reason people don’t like guava flavored anything, but I’m not one of them. Guava is great and this cart is fantastic because of the guava flavor. The strain is a Sativa at 77%, so it keeps you up and active. It is the perfect cart for when you’re busy and going from point A to point B, then point C in an hour. It won’t get you slumped or tired, but it’ll give you the munchies. Easily one of my favorite carts! I’ve always been interested in Papa’s Herb products because the brand and whole design attracts me. I’m from South Florida, so is he. The whole brand’s theme is palm trees, beaches, and weed. After trying their rolling papers, I knew I had to try their cannabis and thank goodness Liberty Health Sciences has Papa‘s Herb products, pretty sure it‘s the only dispensary that does. Now that I have, I’ll continue buying Papa’s Herb at Liberty Health. I just really hope his flower and other concentrates start hitting the shelves, too!


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