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Out With the Mids, In With the Dank: Curaleaf Updating Their Inventory With Higher Potent Cannabis

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Although Curaleaf is known for their customer service, fair prices, and loyalty program, they AREN’T known for having particularly ”top shelf” medical marijuana, but that is already changing as they have begun to update their inventory within the past few weeks. Curaleaf‘s flower would usually range between 8-14% THC, which is a bit low considering their competitors are sporting flower anywhere between 17-28%. They likely have heard the consensus surrounding their flower for a while now where the common opinion is how their flower isn’t as potent compared to places like Rise, Growhealthy, Vidacann, or Liberty Health. Now, they’ve done some upgrading and have released an entirely new line of high-percentage flower ranging anywhere between 18-25%.

As a customer who has been to nearly every dispensary chain , especially Curaleaf with everything they have to offer, their flower was a bit underwhelming. Their concentrates like shatter and crumble are fantastic and I’ll alway check there first before anywhere else, but I don’t share that same love for their flower, though a few strains I highly recommend. This has changed within a matter of weeks as they have updated their inventory with newer, stronger strains with higher-percentage flower. Some of these strains include Modified Muffins (20-23%), Bubba Punch (18-20%), Creme De la Zin (19%), Bombs Away (19-23%), and Capital G (18%). I’ve had the pleasure to try their Modified Muffins, Bombs Away, and Capital G and they were SOLID. They’re better looking, smell better, and the highs are harder hitting while also lasting longer (surprisingly). I probably enjoyed Modified Muffins the most and you will most definitely see these strains in a video review soon.

These new strains come with a rise in price, of course, yet they give the patients more choices when picking out their medicine. Curaleaf also is known to look out for their customers and clientele and they continue that with the latest deals in flower, where this week is 40% off ALL flower, meaning despite a rise in prices, you can grab these top shelf dispensary nugs at around $30 an eighth, which is a fantastic price. FINALLY Curaleaf has some more potent flower that can compete with other chains of dispensaries, and though that may be an incredibly difficult battle to win, this new upgrade in inventory is the right move to compete and be respected amongst the connoisseurs, patients, and critics.


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