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Milk Chocolate Bites (Full Spectrum) 60mg 6pk


UNFORTUNATE! I really wanted to love these edibles. I was hoping it would smack like the milk chocolate bar, but it was weak. Before I get into that lemme tell you these were some of the BEST tasting edibles I've had in the market. That's why the score is a 5 and not like a 2 or 3. Some of the best tasting chocolate edibles I've had in my life, PERIOD. Now, American chocolate sucks (with the exception of World's Finest Chocolate's) compared to hispanic or chocolate by the euro's, but these were fantastic. The weed taste wasn't overpowering, it wasn't too sweet, rich milk chocolate taste, ima big fan of that. I've been eating chocolate since I was a jit. I've had A LOT of chocolate. I think I've created some long-term health issues because of my addiction to sugar, and chocolate being a focal point of that intake. That being said, these chocolates were GREAT.

It was weak, tho. When I eat edibles I take the whole thing, I gotta test my limits. These were wack with the strength. I've had delta 8 edibles that hit harder (DON'T SMOKE/EAT DELTA 8). It didn't hit, simple as. I thought MAYBE it would be a slight head high, but nothing. Not even a helper with sleep. I copped 2 bags because of the crazy sales Sanctuary ran (my favorite budget dispo), and neither of em hit. Edibles and I do not get along. It's rare I have a good experience with edibles, and that's why I don't go crazy over them.


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