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Milk Chocolate Bar (Sanctuary)

Updated: Dec 7, 2022


Delicious and strong. I was curious to see if Sanctuary had good edibles because their other products can be hit or miss, but the chocolate bars are great. You don't really feel it hit you until about an hour in, and it starts off pretty euphoric. Then when it hits, you feel a deep relaxation that COULD lead you to a nap. That's if you let it. If not, you'll just feel pretty woozy, medicated, high as hell. A strong mind and body high. I eat the whole edible. I don't micro dose for shit. I wanna feel the full effects. And I felt this one for sure. Took an hour nap at its peak, so I know this shits strong. I had a great experience so if you like edibles and chocolate bars, cop it at Sanctuary.


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