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Marijuana "Superstore" Opening In Miami, Orlando, and Tampa

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Florida is well-known for tourist attractions. Disney World, Miami Beach, the Siesta Keys, and Tampa are a few of the biggest attractions and cities packed with tourists, and now there seems to be a new and, surprisingly, better reason to visit Florida; the Planet 13 Marijuana Superstores. Planet 13, for those who've never heard of them, is a Las Vegas-based cannabis company known for having the biggest marijuana dispensary in the nation. This company and its CEO are a trip and it's no wonder why they're opening up these superstores in Florida. Planet 13 is like the Donald Trump of dispensaries where their stores are unnecessarily huge but have incredible gadgets, a completely distinct ambiance, and new technology for marijuana that they showcase. Their Vegas location is a hit with tourists considering how enormous it is and how it also has nearly the entire Las Vegas experience packed into a weed dispensary.

Planet 13 is a people-pleasing company and it's why they were able to have over 125,000 visitors in one month. Some of the most popular aspects of their Vegas superstore includes 13 15-foot Lotus flowers at the entrance, an aerial orb show in the dispensary's ceiling, LED interactive floors throughout the building, and a live view of their production facility where visitors can see the cultivation sites and how Planet 13's cannabis is manufactured and packaged. It's seems like an incredible experience, like a new-aged Sistine Chapel with a dispensary inside. Again, it is no wonder why a crazy ass idea like Planet 13 is reaching Florida, especially in the cities they are targeting. Planet 13 said their superstores will likely take 2 years to open but will also be opening up neighborhood dispensaries in the meantime, so patients outside the 3 main cities won't likely have to travel far to visit their shops.

I'm all for it. I love Florida and I love the idea of a touristy weed dispensary because it has a chance to normalize and hopefully silence the negative stereotypes of cannabis through way of business. Marijuana is a booming industry in the US and its a known fact now. It will bring in money from patients, investors, and now tourists. In Florida, we like how nice our roads, cities, and homes look and a lot of that money comes from tourists (at least a good chunk of it), so why not ANOTHER reason for out-of-state folks to come in, take pictures, looks stupid, spend their money, and leave? As long as the marijuana Planet 13 dispenses is worth whatever price of admission their superstore is, I welcome them and so should you.


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