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Mandarin Sunset (Growhealthy)


Great strain! I’ve been going to Growhealthy a lot lately and it reminds me why they’re highly favored compared to other dispensaries. Mandarin Sunset comes from the “Master Grower Series” which is Growhealth’s premium flower, and everything from the taste, look, and high shows why it’s their premium shit. The high was immediate and energizing to say the least. You get a huge boost in mood and focus which makes this a great strain for either physical activities or just a mood lifter. The high last an hour or so making it totally worth your time, energy, and money. There was really no downside I could think of, making Mandarin Sunset a new favorite of mine going forward. I’ll also be looking into more of Growhealthy’s “Master Grower Series” to try out more of their exclusive strains!


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