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I was pretty excited to try this one. I was on my break at work, and I was itching to smoke because I work a lot and need a fucking smoke. So I swiped one at my nearest Vidacann (N. Miami) and ripped it with the little time I had left on my lunch break. It wasn't strong at first, but it creeped in after 30 minutes and lingered for a couple hours. The high ended up being pretty potent and a functional one, too. I had no problem working. Sometimes you can smoke something and it has you all fucked up, saying and doing shit you wouldn't normally do. Makes it impossible to interact with people being that high. This Mac1 wasn't like that, but it was still pretty good. I'll save that crazy shit for later and the Mac1 before work. Prerolls are lame, but I enjoyed this one. I recommend it if it's available, or if you're into prerolls.


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