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Liberty Health Sciences is now AYR Wellness!

It's true, Liberty Health Sciences is changing their entire identity to AYR Wellness (pronounced "air") after Ayr Inc. acquired all of Liberty's shares in late February 2023. The past few years have seen a pretty steep decline in Liberty Health's reputation where they've constantly dealt with mold, low quality concentrates, and worst of all less patients shopping which means less money. Money is the deciding factor in all aspects of our world, especially the medical marijuana industry in Florida (ask Medmen). With that being said, Liberty Health DID add the brands Haze, Later Days, and Kynd to their inventory in the past year and it HAS uplifted their reputation, enough so that Ayr Inc. felt compelled to buy all of their shares and plaster their corporation's name over Liberty's storefronts. It might not be a big deal, honestly. What's happening to Liberty Health is essentially what happened to Columbia Care (now Cannabist) where it's the same dispensary and products, just a new name in the front. I'm hoping for the kind of change Sunburn made after buying out Medmen, where new products were introduced and the old products were being cleaned out through discounted prices. Liberty Health has teased new concentrates, carts, and flower during their waning days as part of the hype and name-change, so the market should be seeing "new" strains when shopping at AYR wellness.

Let's just hope they don't dupe us like MUV did when they changed every strain they had to new, ridiculous names. MUV's decision was quickly met with complaints and an even lower reputation than before since the quality of their products stayed the same (mid). The people want NEW weed, not renamed bullshit with the same low-quality smoke. AYR already started operations in Florida in Sebring and Palm Bay, so all eyes on AYR now.


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