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LA Kush Cake (Liberty Health Sciences)

Updated: Jan 31, 2022


OOF! This strain is fucking fire. Not only is the LA Kush Cake flower strong, but so is the crumble. I specifically asked the people working there that I want some wax or crumble that'll have me faced, and the lady pointed towards either the Banana OG crumble or LA Kush Cake crumble. Now, I remembered the Banana OG flower being good, but LA Kush Cake is part of their premier shit, the eighths that cost twice as much as Banana OG, and since they were the same price ($60) I knew going with the LA Kush Cake would be the best decision. I wasn't wrong. The crumble is great. It's pretty too, a nice gold finish that makes it look like peanut butter. The smell and most of all, THE TASTE is fantastic. It really tasted like cake batter, it's fucked. I like to take medium-high temp dabs, and I know if I want to taste the product I should take it at a lower temp but that's for some people. I can still taste the crumble at a higher temp without burning my neck and gasping for breath. It took 2 dabs for me to really feel the effects but it's great. It's a hybrid and it's one of those highs where you can either fall asleep or stay up working on your shit. I like that. Liberty Health has a nice inventory of product and they had a lot of concentrates available. That's good in a dispensary. Some places have a tough time keeping a high inventory of concentrates like shatter or crumble (Curaleaf, no disrespect though). Music also sounds great while high on LA Kush Cake. I'm listening to 3 6 Mafia right now. They have some demonic ass songs with pretty fucked up lyrics, it's great. I recommend "Slippin' (Koopsta Knicca)" and "Destruction Terror" by them. Anyways, LA Kush Cake is crumble I totally approve of. I will be going back for this one again.

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