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King Palm


What else is there to say about King Palm? They’ve gone from underground kings to probably one of your first 5 choices whenever someone asks “What should we smoke with?” They’ve only been around 5 years, and I remember when they first came out while I was working at the Vape and Smoke Shop in Miami. I immediately knew King Palm’s were legit. No tobacco, nicotine, disgusting smells, or shitty burn. They SMACK if you fill the preroll up the tip, and they have a spectrum of sizes to choose from. I used to start seeing shit whenever i smoked King Palm’s, as if I were tripping on shrooms because my eyesight would get all fucked up; it’s THAT good. I don’t experience that anymore, thankfully, but even today they still provide a great smoke. It’s a fantastic product and it’s awesome seeing how popular they’ve become, while only changing a few things since their creation. I like how they’ve added new flavors but have kept some of their traditional aspects like the patented filter. It’s no secret that King Palms are popular, so buy into the hype. I hope to see more products more like King Palm.


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