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Jungleboys: Game Changers or Overrated?

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

If you’re a medical marijuana patient in Florida, it’s obvious that the state’s medical program has GLARING issues that need to be addressed. Forget the corruption and politics, because that can't be fixed. The quality of medicine and access to the program (i.e. location, fees, state laws) are highly discussed topics throughout the entire Sunshine State, and as more patients discuss these issues the more each of us realize that Florida is SO far behind compared to other states. To be fair, states like California, Colorado, and Washington had maybe 20+ years of progress with marijuana legislation and research, and because of this they are the pinnacle of freedom (regarding cannabis, of course). Nevertheless, patients in Florida are NO stranger to shortcomings, failures, and incompetency within the program, and the soft openings of Jungleboys in Ocala, FL could spark a change in expectations regarding Florida’s quality of cannabis. But are they a symbol of change or are they just another brand waiting to cash in on a booming industry in Florida?

Jungleboys is a highly regarded brand of cannabis and throughout the past 15 years they’ve become master cultivators, award winners, content creators, and a voice of the people by exposing the cannabis industry AND at times the federal government of its hypocrisy and complete disregard of local laws. You know you’re popping when random raids become all too common for your stores. That being said, they’ve managed to create the most hype I’ve ever seen as a patient in Florida, and rightfully so. Their weed speaks for itself. The hype is so real I drove 4 fucking hours to try it. How far does the hype train go, though? Considering this Blog is still pretty unknown, I have people commenting on my shit regularly saying Florida needs to be a little more like Jungleboys and this, that, and the third. I read the forums and blog posts online and these soft openings show that most patients in Florida were never exposed to exotics, or ever had Jungleboys flower in the past, and aren’t used to high(er) quality cannabis. There's no coincidence that Trulieve and Liberty Health are #1 and #2 in locations throughout Florida. Dispensaries full of mids are opening up everywhere like liquor stores in lower-income neighborhoods.

Why does that matter? The reaction from patients highlight how disappointed they are with the current medical program in Florida. When Trulieve, Liberty Health, and Curaleaf are the most common dispensaries in any given county in Florida, there is bound to be problems. The flower in those dispensaries SUCK. Argue with your mother about it because I’m not trying to hear anyone’s defense of these dispos. The Flowery, Rise, Sunnyside, and Growhealthy are likely the best dispensaries for flower and/or wax, and you might not find them in each corner of the state. People are fucking pissed at the “Walmarts” of marijuana dispensaries and the shitty weed they have to offer. I’m right there with them. If you ask me what needs fixing in the state’s program, I would spare you of your time and mental energy because I could go on for hours.

But is the hype real? Is Jungleboys REALLY the change patients have been waiting for, where their quality of cannabis can potentially pave the way for other brands willing to open up shop in Florida? Is their weed so good that it will dominate the market, potentially destroying the underachieving dispensaries in Florida? Or are they clever businessmen who understand the value and profits that can be made in Florida, considering how barbaric and primitive the state compares to, say, California in regards to cannabis research? YES all around.

As I mentioned, only a couple dispensaries and products in Florida can compete with Jungleboys. That DOES NOT mean they’re the greatest and you should stop shopping anywhere else. Certain dispensaries can still COMPETE despite the negative attitude many patients currently hold towards the state’s program. If I’m being honest, I would say Sunnyside and The Flowery are likely the most worthy competition to Jungleboys. Growhealthy is a close third. And unfortunately for The Flowery, they only offer flower and haven’t opened up a physical location (yet). So, Sunnyside is realistically Jungleboys biggest competitors, and THAT is an unsettling thought. They've been incredibly inconsistent since they've opened their doors, so it's no wonder why patients see Jungleboys as this symbol of perfection. It's a little over the top. It will CERTAINLY get worse when Berner and friends open up the Cookies locations in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami.

What do the Jungleboys opening(s) mean for brands like Cookies and Planet 13 as we near their grand openings? I think Jungleboys set the bar for both grand openings and quality of cannabis. They had zero promotions or influencers advertising their arrival, and they still fucking NAILED it. I think expectations are even higher now for Cookies because they're arguably a bigger brand, meaning you'll see the Cookies logo 10 times before you'll see a Jungleboys logo in any given setting. The bar that Jungleboys raised also affects the reputation of EVERY dispensary in Florida because they will be constantly compared to what is seen as "the best" weed in Florida, and patients already think vendors are outperforming dispensaries. Sad stuff. But most importantly, the medical patient now has a newer, higher quality choice of cannabis and they'll for sure stop shopping at the shitty dispos.

To conclude, Jungleboys is doing it right. They're fucking killing it and its got the people talking. Florida is no stranger to hype, so when expectations are met the people will celebrate you harder than they celebrate their own sports teams. Don’t fall for trends, though. Jungleboys is a brand and a business first. They got MONEY. But more importantly, they have a cult-like following. Don't expect them to be the messiah of cannabis brands where they’ll knock down doors and shift the vision of cannabis in Florida, making it a weed mecca for both locals and tourists. As visionary as they are with weed, politics and marijuana legislation in Florida is incredibly tricky and they MUST play by the rules until, of course, Ron DeSantis legalizes marijuana recreationally (which he’s stated MULTIPLE times that he will NOT). I think they'll voice some kind of support for legalization, but Florida's legislation is already so fucked that the more you read into it, the less confidence you'll have in the industry and those running it. Nevertheless, be excited Florida! The bar has been raised!


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