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Jilly Bean (Growhealthy)


A new favorite! This Jilly Bean from Growhealthy is so far the best cartridge I’ve bought from the dispo. It’s got everything you need in a Sativa. It wakes you up, keeps you alert, and the high and its effects last a while. Jilly Bean is STRONG. I asked the budtender, bless her heart, to give me a cart that’s gonna scramble my circuits, and have my mind absolutely buzzing after smoking it. I needed a good strain for work because I’m there all day. She recommended Jilly Bean and said it’s what I’m looking for. She was right. I already love Jilly Bean as the flower itself whenever Growhealthy has it available, so I’m not the least bit surprised that the cart is equally as strong and enjoyable. There’s some speculation around Growhealthy and the quality of its cannabis from patients all around Florida, but I definitely would recommend Jilly Bean to the skeptics.


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