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Updated: Jun 24

Blueberry Cheesecake-Hybrid/31% THC/1.45% Terps


Cheese: Afghani x Skunk #1 (phenotype)

Blueberry: Purple Thai x Thai


Hikei (3940 Home Ave, San Diego, CA 92105)

Blue Zlushiez-Hybrid(I)/29% THC/29.15% CBS


Blue Sherbert: Blue Cookies x Sunset Sherbert

Blue Cookies: Blueberry x Girl Scout Cookies

Sunset Sherbert: Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties

Cure: 4/5

Smell: 3/5

Taste: 3/5

Strength: 4/5

Final Score: 7/10

Pretty good! This flower by Hikei has its upsides and drawbacks, but overall it'll get you stoned. It's certainly a beautiful looking strain, frosty all around with notes of green and purple, along with nice orange pistils. Yet, the nugs aren't necessarily sticky. The flower is slightly dry--something Hikei is criticized for--and the smell isn't mind-blowing. I love the blueberry scent, but it's subtle. When you crack the seal, you get only a hint of blueberry. I've had smellier from Hikei. With that being said, the effects are pretty damn enjoyable. Very sedating high, a couch-lock type with euphoric and stress-relieving effects. Great for watching a movie or TV show, or for sleeping. This is a strain for the insomniacs. I smoked this shit at 10:30AM and my ass was ready for a nap, and I had been awake for only a couple hours. This Blue Zushiez is strong, but the effects don't last very long. Maybe 45 minutes to an hour. Not ideal. I wouldn't consider this some of Hikei's best, but it's certainly not bad. This is what my friend Eddie would call primo mids. I'm just glad their store-brand flower is around $35/eighth, $70/half oz, and $100/oz. All before tax, of course.

Tuned Up!-Hybrid/30% THC/1.8% Terps


Oreoz: Cookies & Cream x Secret Weapon

Master Kush: Hindu Kush x Skunk #1


Hikei (3940 Home Ave, San Diego, CA 92105)

Permanent Marker x PPP (Purple Push Pop)-Indica/27% Terps


Permanent Marker: Jealousy x (Biscotti x Sherb Bx)

Purple Push Pop: Jealousy F2 x (Ice Cream Cake x Sherb Bx1)

Pablo's Revenge-Hybrid/30%THC


Animal Mints: Animal Cookies x SinMint Cookies

Sherb Cake: Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties


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