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Updated: Oct 15, 2021


Growhealthy is one of those dispensaries that I would save for when I was having a GOOD day, or at least a day where I was willing to spend $50 for an eighth. The prices are high for a reason, though. Growhealthy simply has the best weed compared to NEARLY all the dispensaries I have been to. They have some of the prettiest nugs, the frostiest too, extremely potent smelling weed, and one of the more potent highs compared to competitors. Their concentrates are still on my radar to try and I will be updating y'all on that. Now, some people are completely fine with paying $50 for an eighth, but I like a good deal on flower, so when I was picking a dispensary to pick up from, Growhealthy wasn't usually the first option. That has completely changed now that they've introduced "Littles" to their lineup. These were the greatest thing to happen to Growhealthy and customers like myself because not only are the eighths only $35, the nugs are HUGE! I call them the "not-so-Littles" because some of the eighths have been impressive. However, this is the case for the Sativa Littles, not the Indica Littles. Anyways, I find myself at Growhealthy much more these days. Besides that, they have a huge menu especially for the carts. That is something I will be getting into soon. The abundance interests me. Their customer service is also top-notch. I have never had an issue or received an attitude by a team member. I can't find an issue with them now that they have those Littles. They're affordable, got the best weed, good service, and have a lot to offer. I have been to the Tallahassee location as well as the Miami location. Both have provided great customer service and the same abundant menu. HIGHLY recommend.

Growhealthy Locations I have Visited: Tallahassee

North Miami


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