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Grape Cake Head (Jungleboys)

Updated: Apr 30, 2023


LOVE it! I've heard (and seen) nothing but great things about GCH. I've seen countless reviews, up-close nugshots, videos, etc. It's a goddamn popular strain. I see why, too. Nearly everything about it exceeds expectations. The look is phenomenal. More of the same from JB; frosty, cheesy nugs, dense as hell, the aroma so fresh, so crisp. This weed smells of grape soda, I'm not lying. A soda pop. A grape soda pop. The earthy aroma mixed with the grape gives it that soda smell, if that makes sense. It's fucking DANK.

Amazing look, dank smell, yet the taste was a little off for me. Slightly harsh and I get more of an earthy taste. I was expecting a grape taste but that isn't what I got. Now, it shouldn't matter what the taste is like since the weed got me high anyways. Really high. I thought it would have been an instant hitter but I was wrong. It's a creeper, seeps into your head and lingers around for an hour or two. STRONG head high, slight body high, but its got LEGS. That's what I find most impressive about GCH. The high is strong and lasts a good while.

I can't complain at all about this weed, or Jungleboys in general. They've been incredibly consistent since they've opened, have some of the nicest looking AND best smoking weed in Florida's legal market, and they're still growing. I've had my doubts on JB, but now it comes off more as paranoia since they've hit on everything so far. They're at the top of their game in Florida and I cannot wait for their future drops. Hopefully they make a bigger presence at events and shit like that.


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