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Gorilla Glue (Sanctuary)

Updated: Apr 16, 2023


Sanctuary with the fuego?? I was shocked how faded I got with this Gorilla Glue, and I've clowned on the strain in the past. Hell, I've clowned on Sanctuary in the past, too, but this flower opened my eyes as to what they offer. Several budtenders pointed towards this Gorilla Glue, telling me it was better than the Grape Jellee, the strain I had originally asked for. The presentation has its benefits and drawbacks. It actually looks really nice! Decent-sized nugs, few spirals on em, cheesy as all hell--love that. Green finish, trichomes popping, I can't complain on its looks.

A head high for sure. This one had my thoughts racing, but not in a negative way. I wasn't anxious, didn't trigger any of the spooks I get when smoking, it had me stuck in my head. I think a lot, so it's not necessarily a bad thing.

But the effects were STRONG. It had me laughing at nothing, shit made me look crazy when I was out in public. Didn't think Sanctuary weed could do that to me. The effects lasted about an hour-hour and a half. BIG fan of its legs, glad I could find some weed that gets me lit for more than 30 minutes. Usually a bad smell and taste would bring the score lower, but its potency had me fucked up, so I can't bitch and complain. God forbid. LOVE this Gorilla Glue by Sanctuary, and I think you should try it, too!



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