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Gorilla Cookies (Liberty Health Sciences)


Oof, this was a rough one. I usually give Liberty Health the benefit of the doubt considering they have such a terrible reputation among the community. I’ve had mostly good experiences with their flower and customer service, but this time around proved the critics right. The budtender was lame as hell and didn’t seem interested at all. And I’m not asking for my balls rubbed, just AT LEAST be pleasant. Anyways, he ended up recommending a shit strain. Gorilla Cookies was MIDS. It smelled nice, but that’s really the only positive aspect of it. The high wasn’t strong and didn’t last long, looked and felt drier than a witch tit, and felt like a total waste of money. And it was. Just a bad experience overall, at it makes me think that it won’t get any better. I probably won’t be buying from Liberty Health for a while, unless they have something that catches my eye.


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