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Gilded Lemons (Growhealthy)


This was a good cart! It wasn’t great or blew my mind, but it did what I expected it would. Gilded Lemons is a Sativa and it was the perfect strain for work and productivity. It keeps you energized and focused, and though the high isn’t necessarily strong, it’s strong enough to feel its effects. I found it kind of odd how the name is “Gilded Lemons” and the cart tasted like peanut butter, but that didn’t bother me at all. Growhealthy has a pretty good reputation in Florida’s cannabis community and you‘ll usually hear good things about them from patients, and this strain and cartridge compliments that positive public perception. Though I’ve had stronger carts from multiple different dispensaries, Gilded Lemons is still a very good option for the cartheads out there. The medicinal benefits, taste, and high are worth the time and money.


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