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Georgia Pie


Very good! There's a few issues I have with the Georgia Pie, but those issues do not take away from how enjoyable the effects are, as well as its beautiful presentation. The nugs are sexy; containing spirals, rich trichomes, and a dense look complimenting its size. Easily some of the best looking nugs in the program, and that is no exaggeration. The one drawback to its looks, however, is the smell. Not the dankiest aroma, subtle hints of peaches and dough, but mostly silent on the nose.

The effects hit IMMEDIATELY (25% THC & 2.38% Terps). I love that about Georgia Pie. You feel the cerebral effects as soon as you rip your bong or inhale a couple puffs off your J/Blunt/Wood. Great taste, another favorite trait of this Georgia Pie. Heavy peach flavor and aftertaste, an impressive aspect lately at Cookies Miami. The flavor is right up there with Collins Ave and Red Velvet. STRONG effects in the head, perfect for focusing, artistic creativity, brainstorming, or simply enjoying a movie/album. A bit of a mild body high, nothing overpowering but you can still feel its effects. Like I said, great for enjoying a flick or listening to a good record (lately I've been listening to Slipknot's first album on repeat).

One drawback to the sesh has to be its legs, or the length of the high. It doesn't last very long compared to Cookies' other strains, maybe 20-25 minutes. That will piss off the traditional smoker, but then again that also depends on your tolerance. I feel like an amateur would knock out after smoking this, whereas a seasoned smoker wouldn't be too impressed with the length. Though its strong, Georgia Pie won't last forever. Yet, an enjoyable high and one I highly recommend. Also, NO FARNESENE. Thought the patients would enjoy that.


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