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Gary Payton (Preferred Gardens)


FIIIIIRE. I was super interested to see what kind of bud Preferred Gardens would release one week after the whole mold incident. I was pretty confident they would answer with some gas, and I was right. This Gary Payton was STRONG. It's an all-around potent smoke that truly lives up to the Gary Payton reputation. Just as a little background, GP was originally bred by Cookies and is one of the most famous strains in America. It's so popular you can find maybe 5 or 6 other dispensaries in Florida selling Gary Payton. After smoking the GP by Preferred, I'd only buy the strain from either Cookies or The Flowery. Preferred killed it, strait up.

The cure, much like the Applescotti in the same drop, was incredible. Sticky as hell, smells and tastes fantastic, the entire eighth was one giant nug before I pulled it out the bag too quick. The smoke was smooth, white ash on the J, and it SMACKS. It smacks like the Geloctane and Lemon Trees, but this was a sedating one. It WILL put you to sleep. You WILL be slumped. This IS that gas. It creeps up on you and knocks you out. These nugs got hands! You won't necessarily feel it after the first hit or two, but that's just the calm before the storm. This Gary Payton is another example of Preferred Gardens being the most reliable brand of weed in Florida dispos DESPITE experiencing a mold issue just a week prior to the drop. I do have my suspicions on the mold problem (only 2 patients reported mold?) but since I have zero proof to back up such suspicions, I'll assume it was just a fuck-up on Preferred's end, an isolated incident at that. The only issues I had with the Gary Payton is that it was just a BIT harsh smoking out the bong, and the high didn't last as long as I had hoped. If it doesn't knock you out in the first 40 minutes, you might need to rip it a few more times.

This Gary Payton was the necessary bounce-back, and tho I wasn't that big of a fan of the Applescotti they dropped at the same time, both strains surpass the majority of dispensary bud in Florida. By a mile, too. If this strain by Preferred is available when shopping at the Flowery, PICK IT UP! Its got that nap-time high, very similar to Runtz. S/O to the Flowery for having that gas.


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