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Gary Payton Packwoods (Kush Bros)


This was WITHOUT A DOUBT a Delta-8 pre-roll. I met Kush Bros at Cannafest a few weeks ago and they were the most popping vendor there.They had music, several workers, cool shit for sale, and they even had a rig setup for people to take dabs for $5. Smart. In fact, I think they represent cannabis vendors pretty damn well in terms of organization, creativity, and customer service. It was top notch.They were nice people too, but they were scamming. I hit their dab rig with their wax, and it was honestly weak. I’m sure they know the people going to Cannafest most likely don’t know as much about cannabis as they do, and that’s fair. But don’t bullshit the people willing to give you business. There was no high, no smell, and it tasted like dirt. I’ve smoked REAL Packwoods, and I’ve worked at several smoke shops. I can tell the difference between real and fake. I likely won’t ever buy from Kush Bros again. They let me down.


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