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Gary Payton (Cookies)

Updated: Apr 22, 2023


This is Cookies BEST strain by far. However, there are a few issues with Gary Payton and they mainly derive from the fact that we're in Florida. The issues I'm having with Gary Payton, and Cookies in general, is the Farnesene problem. This Gary Payton is LOADED with Farnesene (check COA below). L-O-A-D-E-D. It's sad, honestly. I try to defend Cookies as much as I can because the strains that don't have Farnesene are spectacular. And to be fair these GP nugs looked fantastic, but that doesn't change the overall experience I had. The smoke was harsh, didn't taste much out of the flower, and it left me with cottonmouth. The high was STRONG, but didn't last very long. The earlier batches of GP were amazing, like on launch day. They put me to SLEEP, and though I usually don't fuck with that, I did then. The new batches leave me completely unsatisfied. Not good. Cookies gotta figure it out otherwise they could lose a customer in me and lose Florida's interest. Would hate for another MedMen situation to happen.




Cookies latest batch was FIRE, and this time with NO farnesene! I was skeptical because I got this Gary Payton on sale for 4/20, and I thought immediately it would be some bullshit like small nugs and packed with farny. I was WRONG. Not only were the nugs sticky, dense, and smelly, the COA reported no farnesene. A pleasant surprise to say the least. As I said, this GP is one of Cookies best strains, and this last batch proves why. A strong head and body high, lasts hours, nearly just as good as the batches when they first opened. More examples of how Cookies has been improving lately.

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