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FUZED disposables are great, but it depends what kind of smoker you are. These vapes are strong, taste incredible, and can last you a while, but there are a few "features" that might turn off the traditional smoker from them. First, the flavors in FUZED (raspberry, grape, mango, etc.) come from BOTANICAL terpenes, not from the cannabis plant itself. The flavors come from separate plants whose terpenes provide a stronger taste, and those terps are mixed with cannabis distillates safely, providing a distinct smoke compared to, say, a live rosin vape/cart.


The smoke is a little harsher. Tastier than other vapes, but harsher. You won't cough out a lung or anything like that, but you'll forsure feel it after the first pull. The high lasts HOURS, it's my favorite part of the smoke. I dont feel the need to keep pulling cause it's THAT intense. Dont get me wrong, I can understand people not messing with the botanical terpenes. Im the same way with IPA beers because why try to perfect an already-perfect product? BUT, someone like me who has a nasty guilty pleasure for flavored nicotine vapes can REALLY appreciate a THC disposable with STRONG flavor. Strong enough to take the nicotine cravings away. This is what FUZED does best (for me, atleast). It provides a strong high and strong flavor. When those nasty nicotine cravings were present, most vapes from dispensaries couldnt do that trick. FUZED does.

$60 is a ridiculous price for these. Dont care if its one gram and other dispos one-gram vapes go anywhere between $50-$80. Totally NOT worth it. Thats one thing i HATE about the industry in Florida; the price for carts and vapes. I love FUZED but asking $60 for one of these makes no sense when I can buy an eighth of exotics for the same price at the SAME dispensary (lets be honest, a vape sesh and a smoke sesh does NOT compare, so setting the prices as equal is stupid). These are worth $40 TOPS. The price alone drives me away. These would be the only vapes i'd smoke if it werent for the price. Regardless, great taste, great strength, but not for everybody.


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