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FTH-French Cookies (Fluent)


Fantastic! I was VERY cautious going into Fluent, its been a while since I had bought flower from them and the last time I did was a disappointment. So, seeing that they've gotten new strains I decided why not. It's Christmas, crazy half off sale Fluent was running, Merry Christmas to me. Plus, I had met one of the growers for Fluent (IG: @joethehardway) on Day 1 of Terp Basel, so I was due for a visit. I made sure to get the FTH line, too, cause those are the plants Joe grew.

Great service (shoutout to Michael at the North Miami spot), bought some chews too, I didnt want to count out Fluent. You dont really hear much from them or from other people anymore.

The flower was pretty. Nothing crazy, but nice, large looking buds. POTENT smelling weed. Very close to Flowery-level strength; gassy and earthy. I preserved the larger buds for last. And the smoke was terrific. A little harsh, but good taste. The high creeps up on you. I noticed the effects didnt hit immediately and it takes about 10-15 minutes til u feel it. Strong head and body high, but mainly the head. Great focus strain, very euphoric and smiley.

The high lasted surprisingly long. I've had SHIT experiences at Fluent where the nugs were tiny, didnt taste much, didnt last, and were $50 for the eighth. This time was different. A nice, long-lasting high that kept me happy and high for a good hour/hour and a half. Nice legs on it, potent effects, I usually dont find strains at Fluent that would have me going back, but the French Cookies changed my mind. I'm a fan. I WILL be grabbing this again.


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