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Florida to Limit Marijuana Potency and %'s?

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

It's not hard to imagine how the government could negatively interfere with medical marijuana when nationwide legalization continues to progress, and they never cease to amaze me when they create bogus laws for control over a basic human right. While more and more Floridians apply for medical marijuana cards, several lawmakers have drawn up and supported Bill 1455, which aims to cap the amount of THC in medical cannabis. Its main focus is to cap the THC levels to 10% in smokable flower. 10 PERCENT. If you look around the marijuana dispensaries in Florida you will see that most of the menu's consist of flower anywhere between 15-30% THC, so this 10% cap will drastically change what's available for patients. The excuse for such a bill is a "lack of evidence" for a need in high-percentage THC. The bill is sponsored by Republican Rep. Spencer Roach and his bill also aims to create more restrictions on medical marijuana physicians.

This seems like an obvious power grab by the government regardless of what party they are in, and since medical marijuana is a more "liberal" aspect of government legislature, it's no surprise that such a bill is sponsored by a Republican. But that's all politics and a completely fucked part of life so that isn't what's the issue here. Part of what makes this blog a lot of fun to run and operate is the continuous adventure of trying new medical marijuana in all its forms, including potency and percentages. And more important than this blog, there are terminally ill patients who need medical marijuana to deal with their issues of health and other aspects of life, so this bill will negatively impact the medical marijuana industry considering growers for the government program usually work with higher potent crops. Putting a cap to these growers limits their product availability, which limits the dispensaries product inventory, eventually limiting Florida's patients choices in medicine. You can easily expect a state-wide shortage in medical marijuana if this bill is put into law, and Florida has a way of imposing unnecessary laws.

Physicians have already began protesting the bill, challenging Roach's claims with the experience of the many patients in the state. Bill 1455 needs one more committee approval vote until it reaches the House floor, making these limits a more likely reality. According to Rep. Spencer Roach himself, he did NOT consult with any medical marijuana physicians before sponsoring the bill. We all could have guess that, too.


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