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Florida Kush (Jungleboys)

Updated: Jul 6, 2022


I REALLY enjoyed this one. From the look, smell, and taste, Florida Kush was top quality flower. It wasn't the BEST flower I've had so far, and I think some people have a bad habit of jumping on a trend causing whatever it is they're idolizing to become overrated, but Jungle Boys hardly ever disappoints, and this strain is a great introduction to what they have to sell. It's hard hitting and it hits you QUICK. The head high was strong, and the body high was quite relaxing. A crazy mix of both. Pretty sure I was watching Old School on Netflix when I smoked it, too. Great fucking movie. Easily one of Will Ferrell's more underrated movies. But Florida Kush was great! Is it worth a 4-hour drive to Ocala from Miami? Fuck no, but it was still a great strain to pick up while I was there. Plus I love how "Florida" is in the name of the strain. Bout time more strains are representing the state well. Only bad thing I can think of is the cottonmouth you'll eventually get, but a simple glass of water (or five) will fix that. SMOKE THIS STRAIN.


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