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Face on Fire (Select)


Loved it! Ever since I first tried the Cliq by Select, I knew their other strains were gonna be 🔥🔥. I had already tried “Flo” and it was really strong and sedating. “Face on Fire” was very much the same. It’s hard hitting and super sedating. Face on Fire is that good good sleep strain, or that post-meal smoke you have to settle the stomach and the nerves. It’s great for relief and strong for those needing some extra help with either sleep, appetite, or injury. The high didn’t last too long. I’d say maybe 30-45 minutes max, which isn’t “bad“ by any stretch, but their other strains did last longer. Plus, the workers at Curaleaf hyped it up so much that maybe I had way too many expectation, but Face on Fire was still a very enjoyable smoke and high. I definitely recommend this strain, and the Cliq by Select continues to be a favorite of mine as I continue trying different products at dispensaries.

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