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Dying Dreaming


Pretty good. This cured rosin wasn't great, but it had its benefits. One of those positives is its taste; strait bubblegum. A smooth smoke, too. At the right temp you'll get a great smoke with moderate effects. Let's start with the presentation. Nothing crazy to look at, in fact it looks kinda ugly. A play-doe texture, khaki color, and a weak smell. Compared to other rosin in our program, the presentation is underwhelming. I don't know much about cured rosin but it never looked very appealing.

Besides the underwhelming presentation, it was an enjoyable smoke. Take a glob of this and you'll taste a sweet, bubblegum finish. Not harsh whatsoever, even at a higher temp. It does take a couple dabs to really feel the effects, and they creep in more than being an instant hit. But it smacks. An enjoyable head and body high, strong at that. The high doesn't last very long but it's still pretty euphoric. I've had stronger, by a mile, and I don't think I'd buy this again. It would have to be on a crazy sale, and even then I'd use it as a worm for my hash hole. Cookies can do better.


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