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Duct Tape (VidaCann)

Updated: Feb 1, 2022


Duct Tape was fantastic! It was my first time trying Vidacann’s cartridges and i was honestly surprised about how the taste and high were beyond my expectations. Duct Tape is a Sativa and it really keeps you up and alert. Like a rocket up the ass, it has you energized and ready to rock. Now, I hear both positive reviews and a lot of shit about Vidacann, so whenever i go and buy something from them, i have my guard WAY up. I’ve already been disappointed with some of their flower and concentrates, but this Duct Tape cart really makes me curious about their other carts. Like i said, the taste was tremendous. It tastes like weed, plain and simple. We’ve all had shitty tasting carts, but this isn’t one of them. The high was also great. It hits hard and lasts a few hours. The high is steady and euphoric, and great for work or getting things done around the house. The only downside is if you hit the cart too many times, you’ll get slumped and it’ll take you out if you let it. I was initially intrigued because of its name, and it didn’t disappoint. VidaCann may have some suspect medication, but I can at least say that their Duct Tape cartridge is fantastic.


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