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Dr. Dabber LIGHT


LOVE this device! I've tried a lot of e-dabbers on the market, whether it be pens, mobile pieces, desktop devices, I've tried em all. This little pen packs a bigger punch than the majority of ALL devices I've tried, and that isn't an exaggeration. Most pens that burn concentrates using coils aren't really the most reliable option. They clog easily, the coils aren't strong enough most of the time, they leak; small dab pens are the riskiest dice to roll when shopping for e-dabbers. But Dr. Dabber managed to perfect the small design using quality coils that can withstand ALL kinds of concentrates. I've tried em all in the Light; crumble, live resin, water hash, etc. It's still working today, and with little maintenance. And when you screw off the top part, you can screw in your 510 cart, and the little motherfucker RIPS.

The only issue I have with the Light has to be the battery life. If you're using it throughout the day, it's not gonna last by bedtime. You'll HAVE to charge it at some point during the day. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS AM I RIGHT? What a headache. But, that's what you get with these small pens. The difference is the Light is a much better investment than dab pens made by Randy's, Pulsar, or Kind Pen. And some of those are good brands. I would have made a video but I felt like writing (or in this case typing) to kind of beef up the website, so allow this review to stick to the back of your mind next time you're shopping for a dab pen. I think it's worth whatever they price it as, and that's coming from someone who has tried most e-dabbers for sale.


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