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Double Stuffed Oreoz (Preferred Gardens)

Updated: Feb 28, 2023


Good! Double Stuffed was part of Preferred latest drops which included Cherry Lemonade, Peanut Butter Breath, and the RS#11 that was eventually recalled due to mold. NO MOLD HERE, THOUGH! The look on the flower is pretty breathtaking. The shit's white all around. The trichomes are blossoming, peacocking if you will. Some of the prettiest nugs I've seen in the program (s/o to @brrrrrn). It smells of Oreos, which I find pretty impressive. I LOVE strains that smell like their names, Permanent Marker by Doja being my favorite.

This isn't Preferred's strongest, though. The smell wasn't overpowering like their Znackz or Geloctane, and the strength wasn't mind-bending like their Lemon Trees. Obviously, it's a different strain with a different profile so expecting the same kind of potency is ridiculous. However, their other strains SMACK, these Oreoz HIT. A little different.

That isn't to say it's weak. Not at all. I'm being critical because this is Preferred fucking Gardens, and not Curaleaf ground flower. These Oreoz are far better than about 85% of the bud that's available in Florida's dispensaries. Only a few dispos (a few brands at that) can compete with this flower. This shit will get you high, just not extremely high. A functioning high. A kind of high to do your taxes, change the oil in your car, or have rough sex with your partner with. A pretty balanced head and body high, and I found this one to be stronger in the head. Still pretty sedating on the body, though.

Perhaps I expected too much, but I won't be itching for the Double Stuffed Oreoz like I would with their Znackz and Lemon Trees. It's good, not great. Again, better than the majority of flower at dispensaries here, and a beautiful cure at that. But, at Preferred's standards? It's not their headliner. Probably why it was $45 for the eighth.


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