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Deals on Deals: The Top 5 Dispensaries With the Best New Patient Discounts

Just like any consumer, I love a good deal on whatever it is I’m shopping for. Loyalty points, BOGO’s, or even the slightest “sign-up and receive __% off” tempt me just enough to start splurging. And it just so happens that I spend a good deal of my earnings on medical cannabis, and rightfully so since I am a legal medical patient. I want a good deal! I know that those reading can relate, too. So, I looked around and did some research on which dispensaries offer the best new patient discounts and ranked the best 5!

Every dispensary has a different new patient discount, so several factors, such as quantity and discounted percentages, were taken into account, and these are the best 5:

5. Vidacann

Discount: $55 off $100 first purchase

Vidacann has quality medicine like flower and concentrates, and this discount works quite well for those who may be shopping on a budget. Considering Vidacann’s prices, you won’t get much from $100, but it’s a good introduction in to what they offer. It’s a good dispensary that has a wide selection of cannabis, so going to Vidacann as a new patient is a win-win. For those who aren’t on a budget, however, will surely enjoy the next 4 selections.

4. Curaleaf

Discount: 50% off first purchase

Curaleaf is great for deals and what’s great about being a new patient there is seeing the low prices compared to competitors. As I’ve mentioned before, they don’t have top shelf bud, but it’s still affordable and overall a reliable dispensary. They have a wide inventory of flower, concentrates, especially cartridges, and devices. Buying up to $300-$400 worth of cannabis while only paying half is a hell of a deal.

3. Surterra Wellness Center

Discount: 60% off first purchase

Similar to Curaleaf’s new patient discount, Surterra‘s deal for first timers is great for those looking (or unknowingly willing) to spend more than $150 worth of cannabis on their first visit. I mean it makes sense if you’re REALLY trying to know a dispensary’s worth by spending more than $150, but not every consumer is like that. Surterra is known also for great prices, quality flower, and a wide variety of cannabis. Their customer service is also tremendous. You have options, but never count out Surterra because that 60% off deal is absolutely worth investing time and money in.

2. Trulieve

Discount: 50% off first purchase, 15% off second purchase

The cannabis giant known as Trulieve is absolutely crushing the game right now in Florida. With more stores, products, and customers than pretty much every dispensary, Trulieve continues to roll in their success; as they should seeing that they have out-hustled their competitors. Part of being a new patient means seeing what the hype is all about for certain dispensaries, and Trulieve’s hype is well-known. What makes their new patient discount great is that it extends to the second purchase, too. Other dispensaries not listed on here do that as well (Columbia Care, Growhealthy, Harvest) but they aren’t as attractive as Trulieve’s, and it’s because of the 50% off. You can’t beat that deal. And Trulieve gets to do that because even if you aren’t a fan of their cannabis, they know 1. How many patients in Florida ARE fans 2. How popular they are and 3. That you’ll eventually be back to try again (that’s what the second time discount can be used for). So, the 50% off is really a flex and as a consumer, you SHOULD take advantage of it and see whether the hype is real or not.

1. Liberty Health Sciences

Discount: 50% off first 3 visits

This is a no-brainer. Whether you’re on a budget or ready to drop stacks on cannabis, Liberty Health’s new patient discount towers over the rest. It extends to the 3rd purchase and the deal will still be as good as the 1st. You‘ll notice that other dispensaries new patient deals that extend a second or third purchase usually start decreasing after the first visit, but not Liberty Health’s. That’s why it’s great. They have good flower (Mango Haze, Wedding Cake), good concentrates (LA Kush Cake), and their merchandise is far better than any other dispensary (shoutout to Papa’s Herb). It’s not the best flower and concentrates on the market, but with that discount it’s worth every penny.


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