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Updated: Sep 7, 2021


Curaleaf is a damn good dispensary. Besides the products they contain, they have overall the best customer service I have come across, the best deals for those who shop there frequently (such as myself), and fair affordable prices. Curaleaf usually has very good strains of flower such as Black Widow, Brandywine, and Afghani. Their most impressive product, however, are their cartridges. THE BEST cartridges are found at Curaleaf. They were the first thing I bought when I went to Curaleaf in Tallahassee and I got the Blue Cheese cart. It was mind-blowing! I feel like an actual dumbass when I'm on that Blue Cheese, and I know some people don't like to get down like that, but if a cart doesn't make me feel like that then I don't want it! Their concentrates are also spectacular! The crumble and the shatter are worth investing in, especially the crumble when it's available. Prices for all these products are fair and affordable. For flower it's usually $30-$35 depending on what you get. The crumble ands shatter are usually <$60 which is what most dispensaries charge. The cartridges differ in price depending on what you get. The Slim Vapes (which used to be $20 the best fucking deal ever) are disposables that usually cost $40, and the regular carts by Curaleaf are between $40-$50, respectively. They have other cart options but they get more expensive and aren't really worth it in my opinion. They are a great high and the flavors are tremendous, but you got me fucked up if you think I'm gonna pay more than $50 for HALF a gram. No Way. Finally, the customer service experience is great. Every location I've been to has incredible customer service. The loyalty program is impeccable because your points go towards discounts on most products. The Tallahassee location and the North Miami location have an incredible staff.

Curaleaf Locations I have Visited:

Panama City

North Miami

Miami (Airport)

Port Charlotte



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