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COOKIES and JUNGLE BOYS Finally Touchdown in Florida

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

The wait is over! Cookies and Jungle Boys, two marveled brands in the marijuana industry, are finally buying land in Florida to eventually open up dispensaries. Jungle Boys announced their brand would be moving to Florida this March through a podcast interview. They've even had an Instagram page (jungleboysfl) posting and updating followers since September of 2020. Many smokers are quite aware of the brand due to their incredibly vibrant, award-winning flower, social media and marketing presence, and pop culture presence that's resulted in an impressively large nationwide following. They are based out of Los Angeles, California.

Cookies is another well-known brand out of Los Angeles that has created a massive following as well due to their influential social media and marketing presence. They're like the Coca Cola of weed brands because you see their logo fucking EVERYWHERE. You'll find their logo in nearly every smoke shop and/or gas station you go to. They're THAT popular. That isn't to say they're overrated or overhyped. They've made it as far as they have because of their flower and concentrates; both of which I highly recommend, but who wouldn't? Regardless of what you may think of Cookies, they will also be opening up dispensaries and become an even larger presence in Florida these new upcoming years. They've chosen Deland, FL as their Florida headquarters spot and are expected to contribute $100 million and 400 new jobs to the economy when it is all said and done.

Marijuana from LA is creeping in on Florida, much to the patients delight, and both brands are known for their top shelf products, so thank goodness we will finally have these options when shopping around for medicine, possibly around mid-2022. NUG, you're next.


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